International logistic trade center

Main factor which influences on operations of active trade between Europe and Asia continents is transport safety and duration of transporting.

It is mentioned that rail carriage is more advantageous than sea transport in the intercontinental logistic research and it is shown in the below schema.

In the schema, it shows prevention from probable risks such as (pirates’ attack near African east- north coast and east-south part of the People’s Republic of China and political circumstance of transit countries), that prevention is only way to be safe during the transport.

Emeelt is central point of chain of economic and free zones which connect continents. So, we offer you to use Silk Road which is named by our ancestors from the ancient time and prefer safety and easy transport along the Silk Road of which safety is approved for many centuries on the basis of interests of our business partners who wishes to work in co-operation with us.

Geographic location Emeelt is connected with trade free zones of Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.


Emeelt is connected with trade free zones of Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. Emeelt International Shopping Centre is located on Emeelt port of International Railway Station which connects Russian Federation, Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China.  The port is located in Songinokhairkhan District which is one of biggest industrial districts of Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia and the district is located in 24km from the city’s centre.

In recent years, Songinkhairkhan District is developed rapidly depends on its economic and geographical convenient conditions. Number of factories which process types of products are increased from the city’s outskirts to Emeelt port.

Pursuant to it, infrastructure works such as improvement of roads and building new branch railroads are being executed.

Location of Emeelt port

Schema of International Logistic - Shopping Centre

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